Modernization of Medical Technology

Celadon, Inc. is a research and development group that conducts research on biomedical microwave imaging, antennas, EM wave propagations, wireless applications, and computational electromagnetics with a commitment to delivering both innovative and safe products.

Celadon’s research is conducted utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art microwave test equipment, high performance computational facilities, and researchers from world-class academic institutions with a focus on creativity, innovation, and success.


Celebrating Celadon’s 3rd Patent!

Celadon, Inc. is excited to announce that on September 20, 2016, the team’s third patent entitled, “Beam Switching Antenna Based On Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSSs)” was issued by the USPTO to inventor Dr. Arezou Edalati. The patent covers a beam switching antenna which is a smart antenna technology that can be used in the base station of cellular and mobile communications, and in tactical applications.

We’re On A Roll! Celadon Awarded A 2nd Patent

Celadon, Inc. is excited to announce that on July 12, 2016, the teams second patent entitled, “Distributed Microwave Image Processing System and Method” was issued by the USPTO to inventors William J. McCollough and Todd R. McCollough. The patent is an important development for the bio-medical microwave imaging field as it describes an innovative method to allow for the majority of image processing to occur in a centralized computing environment.

Celadon Web Store Now Open!

Celadon would like to announce that our online web store, selling an array of different antennas, is now open!

In the new section titled, “Products and Services,” you can find detailed information about the antennas we offer, their specifications, and pictures, along with a description of our design, fabrication, and consulting services. We are looking forward to satisfying our future customers